Trigiene Hand Dental Instruments

When carrying out your daily dental procedures, a variety of different dental hand instruments are required. We provide a quality range for you to simply purchase all the dental instruments quickly to your practice.

Probes, extractors, carvers, forceps, scalers and more are provided at amazing prices, with a deluxe range available too. Sizes and further features are discussed throughout our product range, when you select the dental instruments you require. Our boxes of quality stainless steel dental mirror heads and different handle shapes, will ensure your preference is fulfilled, making tasks more simple.

If you have any questions in regards to any of our dental instruments, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Aurelia Vibrant Powder Free Latex Gloves (Box of 100)

£8.45 VAT Exempt

Transform Impression Trays (Pack of 12)

£5.24 Ex. VAT

Premium Facial Moist Wipes (Pack of 500)

£44.00 Ex. VAT

Buy 2+ for £36.00 each

Perfection+ Glass Ionomer Fast Setting (10g)

£24.95 Ex. VAT

Autoclave Sterilisation Pouches 230mm x 305mm (Box of 250)

£34.12 Ex. VAT

DTE D7 Ultrasonic piezo scaler with detachable handpiece.

£420.00 £349.00 Ex. VAT

Latex Free Purple Rubber Prophy Cups - Medium (Pack of 100)

£14.96 Ex. VAT

Versatile Hard Surface Cleaner (5ltr)

£7.84 Ex. VAT

Soap Filled Scourers (Pack of 10)

£3.28 Ex. VAT

Cream Lemon Scouring Cleanser (500ml)

£2.24 Ex. VAT

Powerburst Cranberry Air Freshener (Each)

£6.20 £3.90 Ex. VAT

Cyclone Thick Bleach (5ltr)

£6.00 Ex. VAT

Cyclone Handy Bleach (750ml)

£1.54 Ex. VAT

Protect Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner (5ltr)

£13.28 Ex. VAT

Protect RTU Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant Cleaner (750ml)

£3.29 Ex. VAT