Trigiene Hand Dental Instruments

When carrying out your daily dental procedures, a variety of different dental hand instruments are required. We provide a quality range for you to simply purchase all the dental instruments quickly to your practice.

Probes, extractors, carvers, forceps, scalers and more are provided at amazing prices, with a deluxe range available too. Sizes and further features are discussed throughout our product range, when you select the dental instruments you require. Our boxes of quality stainless steel dental mirror heads and different handle shapes, will ensure your preference is fulfilled, making tasks more simple.

If you have any questions in regards to any of our dental instruments, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Trigiene 80% Alcohol Rub 5ltr (Each)

£38.00 Ex. VAT

PRO Ultratouch Violet Nitrile Gloves 1.5AQL (200 per box)

£17.25 VAT Exempt

JSP Force 8 Half Face Mask Respirator (inc Filters)

£29.50 £21.42 VAT Exempt

Covsan Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 72% 500ml (Each)

£4.90 Ex. VAT

Buy 8+ for £4.20 each

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves (Box of 100)

£6.90 VAT Exempt

OptiZil Multi Surface Cleaner - 5ltr

£36.97 Ex. VAT

Medical Goggles

£6.50 £4.20 VAT Exempt

Buy 10+ for £3.65 each

OraWize+ Oxidising Biocidal Mouthwash 5ltr

£38.10 Ex. VAT

Single Use Face Visor (Pack of 20)

£45.00 VAT Exempt

Dispomat Decontamination Mat (Box of 300)

£139.00 Ex. VAT

Visor & Mask Set - 1 Frame & 12 Shields (Each)

£15.20 £12.49 VAT Exempt

Isolation Gown with Thumb Loops (Pack of 100)

£370.00 £160.00 VAT Exempt

Bioguard Disinfectant Cleaning Trigger Spray (500ml)

£3.25 Ex. VAT

Blue CPE Isolation Gown with Thumb loops (Box of 100)

£195.00 VAT Exempt

Buy 3+ for £180.00 each

White Polythene Apron 16 micron 70cm x 117cm (Box of 1000)

£55.00 £52.00 VAT Exempt