Alghamix II Mixing Unit (Each)


Product Code: F647

Product ID: 964

Manufacturer: Zhermack


Alghamix II allows the mechanical mixing of alginates, plasters and silicones for dental use. The bowl in fromtal position facilitates the dosing and the mixing operations while guaranteeing maximum stability during every stage of the process. Alghamix II is available with an easy to clean bowl, which is available in 6 different colours, designed to adapt to any work enviroment.


  • Alghamix II guarantees a uniform, bubble-free mix
  • Two bowl rotation speeds (120rev/min - 250rev/min)
  • Ergonomic speed selector
  • Bayonet locking bowl
  • Available bowls: Small 350cc and Large 600cc
  • Bowl colours available - Grey, Orange, Green, Light Blue, Blue, White
  • Silicone mixing pad
  • No lubricants required
  • No maintenance required

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Associated Products: