Barrier Protection

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Air/Water Barrier Cover - 64mm x 255mm (Pack of 500)

£6.83 Ex. VAT

Sticky Film Barrier Covers - 102mm x 152mm (Pack of 1000)

£18.64 Ex. VAT

Headrest Barrier Covers - 285mm x 255mm (Pack of 250)

£9.90 Ex. VAT

Digital X-Ray Sensor Barrier Covers - 222mm x 41mm (Pack of 500)

£6.25 Ex. VAT

X-Ray Head Barrier Covers - 381mm x 661mm (Pack of 250)

£24.94 Ex. VAT

Small Tubing Barrier Covers - 457mm x 44mm (Pack of 250)

£10.45 Ex. VAT

Large Tubing Barrier Covers - 457mm x 53mm (Pack of 250)

£10.45 Ex. VAT

Half Chair Barrier Covers - 840mm x 916mm (Pack of 125)

£29.90 Ex. VAT

Full Chair Barrier Cover (Box of 150)

£49.00 Ex. VAT

Dispomat Decontamination Mat (Box of 300)

£139.00 Ex. VAT

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