Including 3 X 1:5 Bien Air CA 1:5L Handpieces

Bien Air Optima with 3 X CA 1:5L Handpieces

£2994.00 Inc. VAT £2495.00 Ex. VAT

Portable micromotor system from Bien Air. Upgrade any dental unit from air to electric with no installation required. Your unit will be transformed into a modern system equipped with the MCX LED brushless micromotor. Comes in a selection of colours as illustrated.

From its practical design to its seamless setup and operation, every aspect of the Optima was thought-out with simplicity in mind.The Optima is Bien-Air’s colorful solution to make things work for you.

 The Optima is perfect for all restorative procedures.

  • Power & Torque
  • Reduction in Aerosol
  • Maintenance Free
  • 18 Months Warranty
  • Micro Motor
  • Selection of Colours

Includes 3 X Bien Air CA 1:5L Speed Increasing Handpieces

Product Code: MISC1

Product ID: 4821