BlogWelcomeCan Air Purifiers Really Help Stop the Spread?

Can Air Purifiers Really Help Stop the Spread?

Can Air Purifiers Really Help Stop the Spread?

Can Air Purification Really Help Stop the Spread?

Surface transmission of viruses has been long and well established hence the emphasis on regularly washing hands and wiping surfaces with anti-viral wipes.  It’s now been agreed (by 239 scientists!) beyond reasonable doubt that viruses’ can spread via airborne transmission.  See article

The problem is particularly emphasized where there is a poor or complete lack of ventilation which reduces the Air Changes per Hour (ACH) and thereby allows virus-laden particles to remain airborne in a static location for longer.  Early on in the Covid19 pandemic the requirement for rapid air change/ purification was realised in the dental industry to allow patients to attend the surgery.  Most dental treatments involve AGPs (aerosol-generating procedures) and to reduce fallow time (fallow period in the surgery to allow airborne virus particles to settle) the industry looked at ways of removing or purifying the air.

So what do air purifiers do?

Most air purifiers filter particles from the air with some actively treating the air or ‘killing’ any virus spores.  The traditional method of filtering the air is usually with the use of a high-grade HEPA filter which physically removes microscopic particles from the air.  Some purifiers combine this technology with UV light which will kill any live virus still in the air.  There are many of these options currently on the market but all need constant attention to maintain efficiency.  HEPA filters will need replacing at least every 12 months and UV lamps deteriorate over time and lose efficacy.

TPA bi-polar technology

The Woodpecker Q7 and Q3 air purifiers work on TPA bi-polar ion technology and have some of the highest clean air delivery rates (CADR) on the market.  In addition, these units are consumable-free and require no ongoing replacement filter costs. 

As the air passes through the purifier, particles are charged in a 10,000-20,000 volt field which instantly destroys virus and bacteria.  The particles then pass through a field of negatively charged collector plates which attract these particles (down to 14.6 nm) and the purifier only emits clean fresh air finally passing through a carbon filter to remove ozone..  The Woodpecker units can operate on an automatic setting or a boost setting which can purify the air in a 40m3 room in under 10 minutes.

Suitable for all enclosed spaces including:

  • Dental Surgeries
  • Doctors Surgeries
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Showrooms
  • Shops
  • Hair & Beauty Salons
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