Trigiene Range of Dental Burs

We believe in providing a large range of dental equipment, including a variety of different steel dental burs, diamond burs and more. Our dental burs holders are useful to store when they are not in use. Our diamond dental burs are provided in different size boxes and have sterile options available too. Our tungsten carbide burs are amazing value, with our steel options equally cheap with round, flat and inverted styles to choose from.

Purchasing a stand for your dental burs provides colourful plug-ins to separate styles etc. with different capacities available. Certain stand covers will offer a rotary system, so the burs can remain flat or at an angle, and will hold any combination of burs of different diameters. It can be used for a number of decontamination products and more.

If you have any questions regarding our dental burs, styles or materials, then simply contact us today.