Trigiene Dental Equipment and Instruments

We supply a vast collection of quality dental equipment and instruments, to fulfil all your dentistry needs. Our Implantology tray kits include a number of individual dental pieces, each kit at an amazing price. The majority of our dental equipment holders are stainless steel, able to house different shapes and amounts of equipment. They protect each piece, allowing them to remain in good condition. Our aluminium sterilisation boxes are also supplied in a variety of capacities, helping maintain your dental equipment.

If you have any questions in regards to our Trigiene Dental equipment, then simply contact us today.

WELzyme GREEN Cleaning Solution Sachets 5ml (Box of 50)

£59.94 Inc. VAT
£49.95 Ex. VAT

WELsol Soluble Cleaning Solution Sachets 5ml (Box of 50)

£53.94 Inc. VAT
£44.95 Ex. VAT

Ilona 80% Alcohol Rub 1ltr with pump dispense

£22.68 Inc. VAT
£18.90 Ex. VAT

Hospec Neutral Non-Foaming Detergent 5ltr (Case of 3)

£38.64 Inc. VAT
£32.20 Ex. VAT

Full Chair Barrier Cover (Box of 150)

£58.80 Inc. VAT
£49.00 Ex. VAT

Man Size Tissues 2ply 76 sheet (Case of 12)

£14.40 Inc. VAT
£12.00 Ex. VAT

Anti-Microbial Foot Operated Hand Sanitiser Stand

£166.80 Inc. VAT
£139.00 Ex. VAT

Pelican Pump 5ltr Screw Top

£6.00 Inc. VAT
£5.00 Ex. VAT

Laminated Social Distancing Tape

£22.80 Inc. VAT
£19.00 Ex. VAT

Sanique Free Standing Screen Medium - 980mm x 750mm

£163.02 Inc. VAT
£135.85 Ex. VAT

Buy 2+ for £109.00 each

Desktop Screen with Metal Feet - 600mmx700mm

£102.96 Inc. VAT
£85.80 Ex. VAT

Woodpecker Q3 High-pressure Plasma Air Purifier

£720.00 Inc. VAT
£600.00 Ex. VAT

Trigiene Bactericidal Soap Cartridge 1ltr (Case of 6)

£52.80 Inc. VAT
£44.00 Ex. VAT

Trigiene Dental Alcohol Hand Sanitising Rub 1 Litre Cartridge - 6 Per Case

£82.80 Inc. VAT
£69.00 Ex. VAT

Trigiene Dental Wall Mounted Hand Sanitising Dispenser

£15.00 Inc. VAT
£12.50 Ex. VAT