Bacteriostatic Doormats for Clinical Environments

Dispomat Decontamination Mat (Box of 300)

£117.60 Inc. VAT £98.00 Ex. VAT

Pack of 10 mats.

Dispomat's are non-sticky bacteriostatic mats with 30 sheet layers, each sheet can be peeled off 1 by 1. 

For the use in doorways to clinical environments to collect very small particles including bacteria and viruses from footwear.

To put it into perspective you can get 30 uses out of 1 mat, for example in a busy clinical doorway, each day you can peel off a layer when it has been used and is then ready for the next day of use.

Quick and easy solution to collect bacteria and viruses from footware before entering clinical enviroments.

Product Code: T587-300

Product ID: 4675