Disposable Orthodontic Impression Trays (Pack of 50)


Product Code: D179

Product ID: 60

Manufacturer: Pegasus


The Pegasus range of Disposable Impression Trays are designed to incorporate all the advantages of metal trays, at a fraction of the cost.  Manufactured from asturdly material that prevents the flexing often found in more traditional brands making them ideal for both precision work and more routine prosthetics.  A secure intergral tray handle provides control and balance while deeper tray walls ensure full immersion of teeth in the impression material.  Clever use of a spacer prevents bite through, while the perforations lock in the material for maximum retention.


  • Rigid plastic for greater accuracy
  • Integrated handle
  • Deep sulcus
  • Perforated and grooved for maximum retention of impression material
  • Preferred by laboratories

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Associated Products: