Easy Clip 20 Sterilisation Tray

£57.96 Inc. VAT £48.30 Ex. VAT

Available in Blue, Green, Red or Yellow.

Easy-Tray has a locking arm rather than a loose clip.  The arm is hinged and swings up and over the instruments, giving you full and easy access to your instruments.  Once used, swing the arm back thus locking it in place, keeping your instruments safe and your staff protected whilst processing for readiness again.

Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel and silicone, Easy-Tray are further enhanced by electropolishing them to give a bright, shiny, smooth, easy to clean surface.  Easy-Tray are designed for use in ultrasonic baths, washer disinfectors with all known solutions and autoclaves to 134°, unwrapped, wrapped or in a full hospital wrap.

Product Code: G571Y

Product ID: 4353


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