Hydrorise Fast Set Regular Wash (2 x 50ml & 12 Mixing Tips) (Each)


Product Code: F633

Product ID: 950

Manufacturer: Zhermack


Hydrorise is a new a accurate, reliable impression material created in order to satisfy the needs of dental professionals. Hydrorise A silicone is suitable to any kind of impression technique in all clinical conditions.

  • Addition silicone precision impression system for putty/wash, heavy/light and monophase techniques
  • Available as a manual putty with wash or can be used with automatic mixing machines such as Modulmix
  • Enhanced Hyper Hydrophilic properties
  • Snap set minimises micro movement
  • Contact Angle <10 degrees
  • Easy to mis and remove from the mouth
  • Sweet mint flavour
  • Fast set - 1.5 minutes working time and 2.5 minutes intra oral time

Zhermack offers Hydrorise with the innovative Hydrosystem. The Hydrosystem further imrpoves the contact angle increasing material wettability on the tooth surfaces/

  • Creates an ideal preparation surface reducing impression problems
  • Reduces the contact angle on any oral surface

Machine delivery - viscosities for mixing machines:

  • Available in fast set Maxi Putty, Maxi Heavy Body and Maxi Monophase
  • Maxi Putty and Maxi Heavy Body ideal in combination with Hydrorise Fast Set Wash
  • Enhanced pre packed "hard cartridge" delivery
  • New low wastage mix tips
  • Fits all current machines on the market

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Associated Products: