IMPLANTEO Motor with MONT-BLANC Implantology Contra Angle 20:1 - LED

£5966.04 Inc. VAT £4971.70 Ex. VAT

Motor designed for implant placement and for dental and bone surgeries: teeth extraction, apicoectomy, osteosynthesis, bone remodelling, bone smoothing, etc.

  • Torque up to 80 and controlled calibration of the contra-angle
  • Display of the torque in real value
  • LED lighting ("daylight"– 5 500 °K – quality) with adjustable brightness that is independent of the motor's rotation speed
  • Working comfort
  • Wide touch screen, up to 10 programmable user profiles and 10 sequences per profile
  • Customizable according to the habits of each user
  • Real-time display of the surgery data and possibility to backup data on a USB flash drive
  • Patient follow up, sharing of data with the prosthodontist.

Product Code: H716

Product ID: 4506