InstruBox Green Clean Storage of Instruments

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InstruBox Green- Storage of clean intruments

These new transport boxes are designed specifically for the Dental Practice where small loads of instruments are transported from the clinical area to the decontamination room. Each box is clearly labelled - RED for contaminated instruments - these are transported to the decontamination room, once processed the instruments are returned to the surgery in the BLUE - Clean box. For easy storage we also offer a GREEN Box for the long term storage of clean processed instruments.

The size of the box is designed to allow easy control of standard dental trays and cassettes (28x18cm). multiple trays at a time can be moved between the surgery and decontamination room safely.

Each box features a robust locking system.

The boxes are sized as follows

External Size: 88(H) x 255(D) x 395(W)mm

Internal Size 68(H) x 220(D) x 348(W)mm

Weight 660g

Can be cleaned using a normal detergent / disinfectant cleaner - such as Hospec pH Neutral Detergent or Clinell Wipes

Product Code: G681

Product ID: 4463


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