NSK Ipex II Apex Locator

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A next-generation apex locator that provides superior accuracy in detecting the root apex.

  • Operates in all conditions, including dry, wet and bloody canals
  • Accurate measurement of any root canal using Smartlogic technology.

Lightweight and with a base just 6 cm in diameter, the iPex can quickly be set up and used in virtually any environment. The LCD panel is pitched at the ideal angle that allows clinicians to easily and without distraction monitor conditions ensuring safe and smooth root canal procedures.


When the file is inserted into the root canal, a bar graph displays its progress, with the bar’s position reflecting the position of the file as it descends.

As the tip of the file approaches the root apex (0.5~) the bar graph turns blue, and the audio alert sound increases in pitch and speeds up in tempo to notify the user that the file is entering the Zone of Precision.

When the tip of the file reaches the minor apical diameter, the bar graph display reads 0.0, and the alert sound changes to a continuous tone.

If the tip of the file goes past the apex, the unit issues a fast and continuous alert sound while the word APEX appears in red and OA (Over Apex) is displayed in blue.


Power Supplyfor 1.5V AAA (LR03 or R03) batteries

Continuous useApprox. 60 hours

DimensionsW60 x D60 x H86 (mm)

Weight76g (unit without batteries)

Product Code: H034

Product ID: 4786

Manufacturer: NSK

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