NSK MultiFlex LUX Coupling

£354.00 Inc. VAT £295.00 Ex. VAT

NSK's LED Couplings are compatible with both NSK Optic turbines and KaVo MultiFlex LUX turbines for a far brighter and better clinical experience.  With this latest technology, you can benefit from a quality of light equivalent to natural daylight, assuring clearer vision, generating less heat and extended durability when compared to traditional halogen lights.

Benefits of LED:

  • Clearer - LED'S generate natural daylight quality lights which assures clearer vision when compared to halogen light
  • Durable - LED light sources are longer lasting and more durable than halogen bulbs
  • Safer - LED light is safer as it generates less heat than a halogen bulb.  Natural daylight quality LED light is easy on the eye

Product Code: H050

Product ID: 4300