PICO XXL Underbench Washer Disinfector (Each)

Product Code: F921

Product ID: 1248

Manufacturer: Pico


Features and Options:


Using the high-pressure spray arm and the lumen flushing facility; cold water at a temperature no greater than 35°C is used to remove gross contamination from the external and internal parts of the instruments.


Controlled temperature was (40-45°C) in combination with automatically dispensed enzyme/alkaline detergent removes remaining residual bio burden inside and out


Both high pressure spray arm and pulsed lumen flushing are utilised to remove all process residues and detergent from the surfaces of the instrument, leaving the instrument ready for the thermal disinfection process

R/O water

Optional inlet available.

Thermal disinfection

The temperature of the load is raised and held at the required disinfection holding time therefore rendering instruments safe for handling and inspection prior to the sterilisation process.

Drying (optional)

Forced hot air is circulated within the chamber to remove residual moisture from the instruments and handpiece channels leaving the instrument load dry and ready for the sterilisation process

One touch safety

Simply load the instruments and touch start...a fully automated process means that the user needs to do no more than press one button...after the remarkably fast cycle, a reassuring beel lets you know the decontamination process has been completed

Single phase power supply

No special infrastructure investment required. Pico connects to standard domestic services

Safe & Reliable - process validation is provided with every cycle

The Pico washer/disinfector has two seperate circuits; these are used for controlling and monitoring the process. The unique system allows the operator to have knowledge of the true working conditions inside the wash chamber.

Auto dosing

Precise detergent dosing to facilitate accurate cycle repeatability and therefore validation of instrument washing and disinfection to comply with the latest standards

Universal handpiece connector

For up to 12 handpieces, the Pulse Flush system ensures the internal structure of tha handpiece is cleaned. A fine mesh filter prevents recontamination of the handpieces.


  • Compliant to both EN 150 1880 and HTM 2030
  • Slim and compact free standing under bench model with stainless steelcasing as standard
  • Ultra fast wash and disinfection
  • Handpiece irrigation flush as standard
  • Detergent delivery verification
  • Ultra low running costs
  • Automatic water treatment system for hard water areas
  • Printer/date port included as standard
  • Optional printer
  • Data logger