Patient Bibs

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Blue Re-Usuable Velcro Dental Bib (Each)

£2.31 Ex. VAT

Disposable Premium Dental Bibs (Box of 500)

£36.22 Ex. VAT

Dental Serviette Bibs (Box of 500)

£16.75 VAT Exempt

Bibs on a Roll (Roll of 80)

£11.44 VAT Exempt

Dispenser for Aprons on a Roll (Each)

£18.85 Ex. VAT

Isolation Gown with Thumb Loops (Pack of 100)

£370.00 £180.00 VAT Exempt

White Polythene Apron 16 micron 70cm x 117cm (Box of 1000)

£52.00 £47.50 VAT Exempt

BioBlocked Type 5/6 Full Body Coverall Suit White (each)

£18.40 £13.90 VAT Exempt

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