BlogPros & Cons to HOCL

Pros & Cons to HOCL

Pros & Cons to HOCL

HOCL generator

Hypochlorous acid has been much discussed in the dental field over the past 12 months and can be purchased in a stabilised bottled form like Optizil.  This is a very safe, ph neutral product, proven effective against bacteria and virus’ including SARS-COV2.


  1. Very low cost compared with other virucidal products

  2. Only 1 minute contact time required

  3. Can be safely used on most surfaces
  4. Safe to fog, spray and wipe.  No COSHH needed.
  5. Reduce or eliminate cost of wipes.


  1. Bottled form of stabilised HOCL has limited shelf life to be effective

  2. Most fogging equipment produces a ‘wet’ fog that is not suited to a dental surgery environment

  3. Some bottled stabilised HOCL brands can contain high levels of salt which could cause corrosion.

The Toucan Active Eco system can generate 10ltrs of solution in 15 minutes that is certified to EN14476, EN16777 and EN13697.  Toucan Eco is registered as an EU Biocide by the ECHA and has a VAH certificate for chemical disinfection procedures.  Once the equipment is installed it will generate HOCL on demand through the process of electrolysis of water with salt.  The cost-in-use savings are undeniable and you have no space storage issues or requirement for staff to prepare the solution.


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