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Reducing The Spread Of Viruses

Reducing The Spread Of Viruses

Please note that information on this page is offered in good faith, always refer to the relevant Government advice for specific guidance.

Practise Good Hygiene 

Hand washing and disinfection is essentical to prevent the spread of the disease! Frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands. If you are not able to wash your hands with soap use alcohol hand gel containing 70% alcohol. All Trigiene products are trailed and tested with COSHH Safety Data Sheets and lab testing results available.

Practice Good Respiratory Hygiene

Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue (or your elbow), bin tissues and wash your hands well afterwards.We do supply a wide variety of hand towels, tissues and wipes, check out our consumables.

Regular Cleaning & Disinfecting

Regularly clean and disinfect high touch surfaces, such as tables, benches, worktops, kitchen benches and doorknobs. Pre-clean the surface first then use a disinfectant, leave for up to 5 minutes before contact. As we know viruses can generally not survive for very long outside the body, but there is evidence that it can persist on surfaces for several hours dependant on the enviroment. To stay safe use our disinfectant cleaning products and cleaning wipes, wipes are recommened to use rather than cleaning clothes as they could carry the virus to other surfaces. 

Increased Ventilation

Increase ventilation in the home by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning.  This may not be enough for offices or workplaces and we suggest using a High-pressure air purifier. The  Woodpecker Q7 available from Trigiene, efficiently filters particles that are at least 14 nanometers(0.0146um)in size,much smaller than the size of a virus, directly kills the virus through an electric field of up to tens of thousands of volts. The Advantages of this purifier is that it has a washable electrode, so no need to buy consumable refill filiters.

Please Note: It is imporant to follow the instructions on how to use all products to maximise their effectiveness.

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