Standard PCD Kit - includes 12 tests (Each)


Product Code: F559

Product ID: 884

Manufacturer: Valisafe


Valisafe CEI (Cleaning Efficacy Indicator) cleaning efficiency check is designed for the validation and routine monitoring of the cleaning efficacy of cleaning processors in washer disinfectors for surgical instruments. Valisafe CEI, a special cleaning indicator made of stainless steel, which is contaminated with a quantiative measure of test soil (blood & additives) according to ISO15883. This product is easy to use, easy to read and can be disposed of with domestic waste

  • For monitoring the cleaning efficiency of washer disinfectors
  • Test soil simulation of human blood in accordance with ISO15883
  • Diagnostic - Easy to use, easy to read
  • Stainless steel - non toxic
  • Routine monitor/validation tool

1 PCD & 12 CEI tests

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Associated Products: