Star High Speed Handpiece - Optic

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Star High Speed Handpiece Turbine

Smaller than most high speed handpieces, the 430SWL is super lightweight due to the size and titanium shell giving you optimal comfort with reduced hand fatigue.

Small Head Design

Size and shpae promote superior operatory field visability.

Double Bucket Rotor Design

Delivers powerful performance.

Vortex Washer

Unique washer designed to minimize debris "suck back" into housing, preventing turbine damage.

Bifurcated Glass

Dual beam glass design prevents shadowing infront of bur.

Co-axial water spray

Optimizes spray, cooling the bur and flushing the operatory site.

100% Stainless steel body

Rugged durable construction

Key Features:

  • 20W Power
  • 4 Port Water Spray
  • Optic
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Fast Delivery


Product Code: STAR

Product ID: 4717

Manufacturer: STAR - DentalEZ

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