Stork Essence

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Product Code: H312

Product ID: 4471

Manufacturer: FONA


FONA Eagle contra-angle handpieces are perfectly balanced and anatomically shaped for easy and natural grip.
Smooth design together with bulit-in antiretraction technology is easier to clean and gives extra protection against
cross contamination. Biocompatible durable material used in these instruments prevents allergic reactions of
your patients. Small head in combination with light allows to see clearly the working area. Three transmission
versions (6:1, 1:1, 1:5) allow you to work with the speed up to 200,000 rpm.


  • Easy to see the treatment area thanks to a small head diameter.
  • Bur is safely nested in the strong chuck mechanism.
  • Work easier with less stress to your muscles thanks to low weight
  • Durable material ensures long life and longer lasting surface quality.
  • FONA Eagle can spin your bur at up to 200,000 rpm and thanks to the quick INTRAmatic connection, push button and effective cooling allows fast uninterrupted work.