BlogThe 5 Vectors of Infection Transmission

The 5 Vectors of Infection Transmission

The 5 Vectors of Infection Transmission

Air, Surface, People, Water and Food.  So we’re all thinking about what life will look like when the Covid-19 lockdown is eased and dentistry starts going again.  In terms of infection control we’ve broken down the risks into 5 key areas and products that will assist in reducing these risks.


Whilst there is very little known about coronavirus and how long it remains airborne there is plenty of evidence that other viruses can remain live and airborne for several hours.  There are various air purification units on the market boasting various technologies but having put in some research, Trigiene are importing the Woodpecker Q7 which processes 5.7 cubic meters/ minute.  Further info on air purification technology here. The first batch of Woodpecker Q7 units are available from stock in early June, reserve yours by calling the sales team today.

AGPs (Aerosol generating procedures) are going to be one of the single biggest risks in the practice.  Whilst we don’t know when these procedures may start again, control of air movement will be critical and you’ll need to think about keeping doors within the practice closed as much as possible to avoid movement of contaminated air within the practice.

There are currently clinical trials being undertaken on the effective use of HOCL (Stabilised Hypochlorous Acid) being dry fogged in the surgery between each patient visit.  Without going into too much detail, stabilised HOCL is non-toxic, safe to use, natural, biocidal fluid that is extremely effective in destroying viruses.  Most suitable product in a ready to use form for this purpose is the OptiZil available now in 5ltr with other sizes/ spray bottles being introduced later in the year.

Additional PPE requirements will be essential and you will need to put a procedure in place for donning/ doffing the PPE within the surgery then suitable waste control.  Trigiene have ringfenced specific PPE products for the dental industry such as N99/FFP3,  N95/FFP2, Surgical 3ply masks, Polythene gowns, caps, overshoes, goggles, visors, aprons available to reserve.


Decontamination of surfaces is something the industry has been used to for years with the use of biocidal wipes such as Clinell Universal etc but we’re now looking at a whole new threat.  You need to start thinking about surfaces that could become contaminated- reception desks, door handles, patient washroom, floors and equipment.  Clinell products are in limited supplies due to front line NHS demand but there is an effective Clinell Universal surface spray available in 500ml trigger bottles.

When it comes to floors the movement of people can carry the virus from the floor of one room to another, so consider these cost effective DispoMat decontamination mats that you can place in every doorway.  The clever non-sticky antimicrobial surface will collect contamination from footware and the mat is like a pad where each sheet can be regularly disposed of.

With additional wiping down requirements in the surgery a more cost effective solution to wipes would be to soak Opti dry wipes the HOCL liquid (OptiZil) and  wipe down.  The OptiZil is a proven biocidal solution with a 1 minute contact time for viral efficacy to EN14476


Social distancing is going to part of everybody’s life but even more important in the dental practice.  How will you protect your patients and staff within the practice?  We have a range of reception screens, social distancing tape and patient hand sanitiser solutions available.

The second the patient walks through your door you need to ensure they have sanitised their hands.  With this in mind we have sourced a couple of classy stainless steel, handsfree, floor standing gel dispenser units.  Available for delivery from end May.  We’ve also introduced a new cartridge dispense alco gel and handwash system with ongoing consistent supply.

With every dental treatment you may want to consider the oral viral load and we’re currently seeing huge demand for the OraWise HOCL mouthwash product.  Currently only available in 5ltr but other size units available later in the year.


So what's new here?  Infection control in water lines has always been a key part any decontamination protocol in dental practices.  Again, recommendations are falling in favour of HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) for water supply as being anti bacterial and anti-virus but widely used in the food industry and totally non-toxic/ safe.

Another serious consideration is water/aerosol created on flushing the toilet.  Look at putting in a rigourous cleaning rota for the 'little room' with regular cleaning of handles and nearby sanitiser station.


Well, what can we say.  This is where the 'common sense' advice kicks in!  I think the days of passing round a biscuit tin in the reception are long since gone.  In reality you might want to look at making it a policy for all food and eating to be kept to the staff room with strict hand washing protocol.

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