UDS-N3 Built in Scaler Kit (Each)


Product Code: F871

Product ID: 1201

Manufacturer: Trigiene


The UDS-N3 is a built-in ultrasonic piezo scaler designed to be fitted to the dental unit.  It features an endo function, detachable autoclavable handpiece.  The handpieces is cast from a titanium alloy to make it durable and robust.  It is small and light for ease of operation.  It is fully compatible with EMS handpieces and tips.  Complete with 7 tips.  The unit must be fitted by a competent dental engineer.

  • Maximum autoclavalbe temperature: 135°C
  • Maximum autoclavable pressure: 0.22MPA
  • Dimensions: 74mm (w) x 56mm (d) x 38mm (h)
  • Weight: 200g