Trigiene Dental Hygienic WAM X Pack


We focus on providing you with all the necessary dental equipment, supplies and consumables you require for your practice, at great prices, especially if you're buying in bulk. Our WAM X Pack will ensure your patients benefit from a more comfortable, quick dental procedure and is effective on all teeth, even posterior teeth.

WAM X Pack
WAM X Pack

Our WAM X Pack Kit contains the following:

  • 1 x WAM X Pliers
  • 3 x post removal inserts (different sizes)
  • 3 x Burs
  • 3 x sets of coloured silicone washers

So if you're looking for an ideal way to remove a tooth without the risk of fracturing its root, try our WAM X Pack today. Our WAM Key Set may also be of interest to you, making the removal of a crown or bridge much simpler with a quick 3-step procedure.

If you have any questions in regards to our WAM X Pack, please do not hesitate to Contact Us we're happy to assist.