Woodpecker Q7 High-pressure Plasma Air Purifier


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Woodpecker Q7 High-pressure Plasma Air Purifier

What is the Woodpecker Plasma Air Purifier Woodpecker Plasma:
Air Purifier is a non-consumable air purifier that frees buyers from the infinite pattern of buying and replacing HEPA filters, and offers superior cleaning performance at the same time.

Efficiently remove:

  • Flu virus, fungus, germs, pollen, mite, dandruff, PM2.5, Smoke, dust, TVOCs, formaldehyde, airborne odor.
  • First-class performance
  • 99.9% removal of fungi, bacteria and influenza viruses.
  • Removal of 99.9% of smoke, PM2.5 and particles up to 14.6 nm / 0.0146 microns. 99.9% removal of domestic formaldehyde and TVOC.
  • No more forced purchase of filters
  • No more need to buy HEPA filters repeatedly.
  • Reusable service life
  • Non-consumable air purifier with reusable dust collector and easy to clean.
  • Efficient as always
  • No performance decline after cleaning the collector plates.

Reasons to use:

  • First-class performance
  • Master the main performance factors that matter most to all air purifiers.
  • Complete air purification solution for home and office. Leave it together and enjoy clean air.
  • Easy maintenance, washable electrode, Non-consumable means that there is no need to purchase HEPA filters repeatedly.
  • Lower energy consumption saves your energy bill.
  • Easy operation, One button to navigate through all settings.
  • The BLDC engine and streamlined flow path dramatically reduce noise.(40-60db)
  • Night mode is almost imperceptible as if it had been turned off.
  • Smart mode, Monitors and adjusts power automatically based on real-time air quality.
  • Monitor air quality and remotely control your device anytime, anywhere.
  • Child lock and product safety
  • Made of V-0 fireproof material, and the child lock prevents children from playing with the settings. 
  • Unplug immediately when the rear panel is accidentally opened.