Salon Hygiene

Selection of PPE and infection control products suitable for Dental, Hair & Beauty and Gym environments looking for high level personal protection and decontamination.

White Polythene Apron 16 micron 70cm x 117cm (Box of 1000)

£79.00 £52.00 VAT Exempt

Type IIR Surgical Face Mask Ear Loop 3ply (Box of 50) - Fluid Resistant

£32.00 £23.50 VAT Exempt

Buy 20+ for £21.50 each

Ilona Foot Operated Sanitiser Stand Stainless Steel

£295.00 Ex. VAT

FFP2 Loop-On Face Mask (Box of 40)

£195.00 VAT Exempt

Covsan Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 72% 500ml (Each)

£7.85 Ex. VAT

Buy 8+ for £7.25 each

Woodpecker Q3 High-pressure Plasma Air Purifier (Price Excluding VAT)

£600.00 Ex. VAT

Laminated Social Distancing Tape

£19.00 £13.90 Ex. VAT

Disposable FFP3 Mask with Adjustable Head Straps and Valve (Box of 10)

£114.00 VAT Exempt

Excedo 70% Alcohol Wipes (Tub of 200)

£9.10 Ex. VAT

Excedo Multi Surface Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes (Pack of 100)

£3.10 Ex. VAT

Trigiene 80% Alcohol Rub 5ltr (Each)

£65.00 £50.00 Ex. VAT

Trigiene Type II 3ply Surgical Face Mask (Box of 50)

£21.00 £19.00 VAT Exempt

Buy 20+ for £17.50 each

Blue Polythene Isolation Gown with Thumb loops (Box of 200)

£485.00 VAT Exempt

AzoMax One-step Alcohol Free Wipes (Tub of 200)

£6.45 Ex. VAT

Airgene Disinfectant One-Shot (each)

£14.90 Ex. VAT

Buy 12+ for £13.75 each

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